Sunday, February 25, 2018

34 Weeks till race day

I see this blog address in my browser favorites almost every day, but I haven’t needed it in quite a while; two years (to the week) to be precise.  Now that we’ve mastered (ha!) parenting two boys under 4, I need a new challenge. Not to test myself, not to prove myself, moreso because I’m facinated by the idea of setting out to do something that to many people seems at best impossible or at worst insane.  I am hooked on that feeling of achievement and accomplishment that comes with a long dedicated effort to a task or a goal, it’s true for my work and all parts of my life. I see that mindset in the people in my life, and in my family who endure more than one might feel possible.  That mental strength improves with training, and I’m at the point now where I feel I can apply that training to something new, so in 34 weeks time I’ll be running the Des Plaines River 50 mile ultra marathon.  I’ve built my training schedule and am already dialing back my chocolate intake to drop 5-10lbs to my preferred race weight (165lb) This time however I’m going to need more muscle to help push through the second 25 miles so I’ve added weight training so we’ll see race weight works.  2 years ago I set out on a similar challenge but then life took charge of prioritizing and my families health trumped training, this time I have much more to run for and much more perspective and inspiration from my loved ones.  Yes it’s 50 Miles, yes it will likely take me 11hrs, but like much in life it’s just one step after another and just keep going!

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Muscle memory

Clearly my muscles have a better memory than my brain, first run in a year and it felt like I'd never stopped.  The last three years have been busy, buying a house and having two kids, perhaps that active lifestyle really counts for something.  Anyway, I turn 40 in August, feels weird to say that 'out loud' and while I don't care, I am thinking that I might start to care, so, I id the only rational thing and signed up for a 50k around the mountains of Lake Tahoe in California on the day I turn 40, and I've told everyone about it. So now I have to train! My altering motive and probably an inevitability is that I enter my 40s in the best shape of my life.  My oldest son Oliver will be 3 and I want to always be an inspiration to him and Julien who will be 1, and show them that anything is possible if you want it and put effort in.  Parenting alone can be very physically demanding too, I don't want my boys ever disappointed coz their old man can't keep up... What better motivation is there?


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

RUN 249 - Hello humidity!

How fitting to return to the place of my first blog post, 248 posts ago... its comforting to know these places, to know they have always been here, and continue on without me, each place feels like an old friend i haven't seen in a while, or a best friend that i always hang out with.  Catching up with them again is a beautiful thing.

[Oak Brook, IL, USA]

Sunday, June 12, 2011

RUN 248 - Post Stag

From 32 mile to just one... like i said, every run has its purpose, sometimes its simply to make it a mile, sweat our a hangover and to try and kick a hangover... im certain it helps... especially in the beautiful New Forest of England.

[New Forest, England]

Sunday, May 29, 2011

RUN 247 - 32m for Japan

Every run is for a reason, they're usually selfish if were honest.  Occasionally we get the opportunity to do what we love and help other people out too. was one of those occasions.  Setting a challenge tougher than you honestly think you can achieve is really the only challenge worth setting, and must be the definition of a challenge.  If you have no doubt you cannot enjoy your success.  I ran and hiked 16m + 16m along Beachy Head in England today, and my friends and i raised over $2000 for relief efforts in Japan, you can still give at the link above, many thanks!

[The undulating chalky south coast of England]

Sunday, May 22, 2011

RUN 246 - Perfect Putney

One last time along the river, a suspiciously perfect day to run, almost like London is stating its case, i'm trading these tidal river banks and tow paths for a shoreline of another sort on another continent.  The only comfort is that they've been here for hundreds or years and will be there for me anytime i need them.

[Putney Bridge on the River Thames]

Friday, May 13, 2011

RUN 245 - Must stretch more!

Sometime i wonder if there's a natural universe conspiring against me, giving me shin splints at the most perfect moment to encounter the beautiful world around me, hobbling along stubbornly i catch this most beautiful view, how else would i ever have found myself here; what better reason to run?

[Battersea Power station, London]

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

RUN 244 - Look

Running through the city, you spend a good proportion of that time looking at the ground; watching your footing; the closest i've come to rolling an ankle has been on kerbs rather than cross country... im an observant person, but it doesn't hurt to be reminded to truly look at the world around you, especially while running, there is so much more to see if you look past the obvious.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

RUN 243 - Run 'till you catch the sun

Chasing the sunset home from work, seems so simple, run till you catch the sun.  Like the Thames or Lake Michigan, its a powerful larger than life running companion which inspires greatness and mocks petty complaints of fatigue.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

RUN 242 - The Banks of the Thames

This spot on the banks of the Thames near Kew Gardens is fast becoming my regular turn around spot on my weekend longer runs, about 8 miles from home its a good hours run which feels even better as each step i take is one i know i'll have to take home making a 16+ mile run.  Im not precious about training or timing anymore, ill happily sit and enjoy the view and its infinite detail before heading home, there is so much more to running that the physical fitness it brings, i don't ever want to forget that.

[Low tide, but coming in fast!]