Sunday, February 25, 2018

34 Weeks till race day

I see this blog address in my browser favorites almost every day, but I haven’t needed it in quite a while; two years (to the week) to be precise.  Now that we’ve mastered (ha!) parenting two boys under 4, I need a new challenge. Not to test myself, not to prove myself, moreso because I’m facinated by the idea of setting out to do something that to many people seems at best impossible or at worst insane.  I am hooked on that feeling of achievement and accomplishment that comes with a long dedicated effort to a task or a goal, it’s true for my work and all parts of my life. I see that mindset in the people in my life, and in my family who endure more than one might feel possible.  That mental strength improves with training, and I’m at the point now where I feel I can apply that training to something new, so in 34 weeks time I’ll be running the Des Plaines River 50 mile ultra marathon.  I’ve built my training schedule and am already dialing back my chocolate intake to drop 5-10lbs to my preferred race weight (165lb) This time however I’m going to need more muscle to help push through the second 25 miles so I’ve added weight training so we’ll see race weight works.  2 years ago I set out on a similar challenge but then life took charge of prioritizing and my families health trumped training, this time I have much more to run for and much more perspective and inspiration from my loved ones.  Yes it’s 50 Miles, yes it will likely take me 11hrs, but like much in life it’s just one step after another and just keep going!

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  1. Love that you've started this up again. Run like the wind and at this point in our life it doesn't matter where you are long as you just run. 'If you are not doing what you love you are wasting your time' Billy Joel